June 3-7th KMA (Knoxville Museum of Art) COLLIDING COLORS Ages 5-6 • 9am-12pm $100 Members/$115 Non-members Students explore combinations of primary and secondary colors with a wide variety of materials.

June 24-28th KMA (Knoxville Museum of Art) DIARY OF A PRESCHOOLER Ages 3-4 • 9am-12pm $100 Members/$115 Non-members Little artists create their own sketchbook journals using simple bookmaking techniques that are great for developing fine motor skills.

July 15-19th KMA (Knoxville Museum of Art) 7-9 ART AVALANCHE $100 Members/$115 Non-members Each day builds on the last in this unique process-based class. Students walk away with a large piece of art which is added to day-by-day.

July 22-26th TEEN PAINTING Ages 13 and up • 1-4pm $100 Members/$115 Non-members In this class students explore the various ways of applying paint to a canvas. Each class will focus on one specific technique, such as: stippling, blending, dry brush, scumbling and graffito. Lessons are based on direct observation and students complete a new painting in every class.

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